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This operation is done in two different furnaces: Reverberatory furnaces, with capacities of 90 tons each and a melting velocity of 14.5T/hr., with four regenerative burners using natural gas fuel. Rotary furnaces, with a capacity of 24T, supplying aluminium to the reverberatory furnaces to maximise the use of raw materials.
Continuous casting:
Compañía Valenciana de Aluminio Baux has the first Hazelett continuous caster to be installed in Europe. This system receives liquid aluminium from the melting process and solidifies it continuously to produce 19mm-thick strips. This system provides for a casting capacity reaching approximately 150,000 tons a year.
Hot rolling:
The high temperature output from the casting mill enables strips to be hotrolled uninterruptedly while still hot in a 3-stand tandem mill. The laminator permits strip thickness reduction from 19mm to only 1.4mm.
Cold rolling:
This operation is performed in a single-stand mill. The output has a minimum thickness of 0.20mm, with a maximum band width of 1270mm and a maximum weight of 8 tons.
Heat treatment:
Compañía Valenciana de Aluminio Baux has differents annealing furnaces in which the coils are heat-treated in an inert atmosphere and which use natural gas fuel for heating.
Forced cooling:
This process is done in cooling chambers that allow for controlled-temperature cooling of the coils exiting the annealing section.
Tension levelling and slitting line:
This line is able to level out thicknesses between 2.50 and 0.20mm, providing perfectly flat and clean-cut bands.
Manufacturing process

The company’s manufacturing process is unique in Europe and is based on the production of aluminium bands using the Compact Mini-Mill concept.

Production process phases

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